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Nigerian songs are those songs by Nigerian musicians worldwide .These songs have a relationship with the culture, religion and beliefs of the people of Nigeria

Get to listen to Nigerian songs and watch videos from Youtube too on the blog. Feel free also to drop your comments there where these songs are featured. Let's talk about them.

The fact that we are Nigerians and no matter how many western songs that we listen to, there will always be a sweet spot for Nigerian music in our hearts. It runs in our blood. The beats, the tone, the language are all Naija and you can't, even if you wanted to, deny everything about Nigeria songs cos once you hear them playing, the rhythm catches your bones and you may be prompted to dance even in the office. talks about Nigerian songs in a way you may have never heard of before. You were fascinated the first time you heard them play on radio or tv and now, we are talking about them.

Some factors affecting Nigerian songs

  • Piracy
  • Low quality music video
  • Low mass production
  • Inefficient distribution
  • Weak protecting laws

Where a majority of Nigerian songs are sold on CD

  • Most streets in cities across Nigeria
  • Open markets
  • African neigbourhoods in UK and US

Benefits of Nigerian songs

  • It give information about realities in Nigeria
  • It teaches Nigerian culture
  • It offers solution to social problems
  • It makes you feel at home even if you are far away from Nigeria.
  • It's soothing to the nerves and aids mental health

Formats available
Nigerian songs are now available in a variety of formats but mainly mp3 and you could listen to these songs on the go via the internet. Just do a google search and you'll find tonnes of websites offering Nigerian songs.